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The educational programs at PURPLE LION DAY NURSERIES were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.

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This session includes basic gymnastics moves, relaxation sessions and weekly dance routines inspired by songs like: ‘’Banana Boogie’’, ‘’Dance Freeze’’, ‘’I am a little tea pot’’. Sessions will usually link to our theme of the month.



From Granola bars to Pizza Bagels bites or Bread in a bag, children love to get messy and creative during our weekly Creative Cooking Sessions.

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Our Arts &Crafts workshops include: sessions include Creative painting, Pottery, Drawing, Mark making, Decorating, Basic Clay techniques, Messy Play, Recycling discarted materials into amazing art works. 
Our innovative sessions will spark young children’s natural curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Kids Drawing


Cool Maths session uses a variety of games to keep children focused and help them with number recognition, counting and calculating, as well as shape, space and measure. Children will gradually gain better knowledge about shape, size, weight, position, distance, money and time. 
Cool Literacy will provide many opportunities for children to explore and identify sound-symbol relationships in meaningful contexts. It will help children to segment spoken words into individual sounds and blend the sounds into whole words (for example, by slowly writing a word and saying its sound). Our teachers will read interesting and conceptually rich stories to children and prepare exciting reading and writing activities that will keep children engaged. Our teachers will work on helping children build a sight vocabulary and maintain a literacy-rich environment for children to engage independently in reading and writing.

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Our Spanish & French classes are divided in 2 different session age group to make sure every child has the same opportunity to learn.
The lessons vary monthly depending of the normal class topic, so the children can link what they are learning in both English & Spanish.
The Spanish curriculum will focus on learning about numbers, days of the week, colours, animals, body parts through games, songs and active activities.
For the whole session, children are constantly interacting directly with the new language to make it more sensorial, fun and engaging.

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The session includes well known nursery rhymes and songs where children have the opportunity to identify musical instruments, move to the music, experience sensory stimulating elements such as parachute, fairy dust, bubbles, scarves and puppets. The lesson will also use recorded music and include rhythmic activities such as clapping patterns or tapping patterns. Children will also learn how to use non-instruments to create sounds.

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Class covers the 7 aspects of phonics phase one: Environmental sounds, Instrumental sounds, Body percussion, Rhythm and rhyme, Alliteration, Voice sounds and oral blending and segmenting. Each lesson is planned and adapted to meet the needs of all children and grow their confidence in phonics so that they are prepared for Reception and Phonics Phase 2.

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